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Emma Jakeways
Fresh One Productions

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Office haircuts for both men and women.

Since 2013 we have specialised in providing
London businesses with a truly special staff perk:
their very own in-house hair studio.

And so far, everyone we've met loves the
convenience of getting a quality haircut at work.

Some feedback :)

Very useful to be able to do it at work.
Been meaning to get it cut for ages but not had the time.

Emma Jakeways
Fresh One Productions

Your service is amazing.
What a time saving way to get a haircut.

Mathieu Grichois

Great feedback from our time-pushed staff and
some sharp haircuts around the agency.

Clair Donelan
Jwt London

Charming people and a great vibe.
See you again next time.

Jamie Brunskill
Grey London

I got exactly what I asked for. The stylist was very friendly
and carefully discussed what I wanted before cutting my hair.

Else Grant
Jamie Oliver Headquarters

Reasons your office will fall in love with Both:

If you have any questions about our service feel
free to email us on

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